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Wouldn’t you like to do MORE work in LESS time, AVOID procrastination, and have more time for things you LOVE? Wouldn’t you LOVE to leave work an hour or two earlier every day? 

But it’s hard to stay focused and get things done without getting distracted or getting LOST down a “rabbit hole.” It feels like there are NEVER enough hours in the day. 

Hi, my name is Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus... I've written or co-written more than 85 technical books including macOS Mojave For Dummies and iPhone For Dummies over the past 25 years, with millions of copies sold worldwide. 

I've also been a technology columnist for The Houston Chronicle and The Mac Observer, writing literally thousands of columns over the past two decades. But that's not what's ​important​...

What's important is that at age 40-something I learned that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D. or A.D.D.)—a huge surprise that led to my obsession with productivity and eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) procrastination... 

Before I Discovered The Secret...
...To becoming a powerful productivity machine, everything took way too long, my work day was way too hard, and I was constantly wasting time going down rabbit holes—spinning my wheels and working way too late every night... 

Over time I developed a collection of killer tips, hints, and techniques I affectionately refer to as my “Secret Mac Productivity Hacks.” These are the techniques that help me finish my work much FASTER every day. 

Fast forward to today and this is what my average day looks like: 

Super short and stress-free because I prioritize my tasks intelligently using these methods. And, no more late nights staring at the screen! 

Today, my mission is to show other Mac users how they can do the same. Now, for the first time, I’m sharing my secrets so you, too, can become a powerful productivity machine, able to…
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Work faster, be more productive, be more efficient, and smarter with your Mac... If you never want to be disorganized or use your time unwisely ever again... 

Being obsessed with productivity and procrastination, I read a lot about how to prosper in spite of A.D.H.D.; even more about personal productivity and time management; and everything I could find on procrastination (and ways to avoid it). 

What I found was little advice for computer users and even less for Mac users. As a Mac user with an affinity for procrastination myself, I felt I had no choice but to create a system to share all these secrets I’ve discovered with other Mac users like myself, folks like you who want to learn to do more work in less time, avoid procrastination, and have more time for things you love. 

My goal is to show you how to work better, faster, and more elegantly; banish procrastination forever... and do more work in less time so you have more time for things you love.
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